Edificio Constitución 1812

Universidad de Cádiz

Paseo Carlos III, 3

11003 CÁDIZ

The conference venue is located on the northern side of Cádiz with a view of the Bay of Cádiz. Popularly known as “La Bomba”, its full old title was “Antiguo Cuartel de La Bomba” and is an army barracks of a classic baroque style and which dates back to 1732. One particular aspect of its construction is the type of building stone that was employed. Commonly known as “piedra ostionera”, it is a type of sedimentary rock hued from the ocean and which has the peculiarity to have remains of sea shells in its composition. Originally, the building was made up of two stories with high naves covered by barrel vaults and had a maximum capacity of 650 troops. It shares many similarities with all the other buildings that we find on this section of the corniche, whose purpose was the military defence of this strategic location. It is within walking distance of the shopping district, restaurants and entertainment centre in the old city. If you prefer to stay outside the walled city, a 15/20min minute bus ride will take you to the venue. The number 7 bus will drop you right off at the venue, whilst the number 1 bus will leave you at Plaza de España which is a 10-minute walk.